On the Subject of Symptoms

“…By naturally supporting the systems of the body over time, the body heals itself and the symptoms abate. For example, if you put your hand on a hot stove, you will have a symptom: pain.

You can treat this pain symptom in several different ways. You can take a lot of pain killers or you can cut your hand off, but not until you treat the cause of the problem by removing your hand from the hot stove can healing begin.

Only by working with the systems of the body will you get the results you desire. These same systems inherent in every patient will tell you when your treatment protocol is right.”

~Richard Ochsmann D.C., Dynamic Chiropractic Practice Insights, March 2012, p. 15

How many times have you had symptoms treated without anyone finding and truly addressing the cause of said symptoms? These days it has become all too common for doctors and patients to be satisfied with fixing symptoms instead of first correcting the cause to allow for the healing of the body. Even seemingly insignificant occurrences–anxiety, an occasional headache, chocolate cravings, difficulty falling asleep etc.–can point to deficiencies, lifestyle problems, and health issues  that could lead to major problems down the road. It is of the utmost importance to pay attention and address what the body says through symptoms about what is going on or may need to change. This is one of the basic concepts of preventative medicine; pay attention to and deal with the small things, and support the body’s healing mechanisms so that major health crises can be avoided in the future.

Do you have any questions about what symptoms may mean? Please feel free to post and ask questions or email me at drclaps@clapschiropractic.com and I will respond to you privately.

Do you have a symptom-treating story to share? Have you ever been on an epic quest for a cause of symptoms despite the current culture that appeases symptoms? Did you find out about a condition much later down the road because you treated the symptoms before finding the cause?

Please post your stories and comment! You never know who you could help with your story.


~ by danclaps on May 31, 2012.

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