Herbs and the Immune System

Unfortunately we live in a toxic world. There are harmful microorganisms as well as chemicals present in our environment. These assault our immune system.

The body is toxic and overloaded today from activities of daily living: our air, our food, our environment all contribute. For example toxins are in paint and paint thinners, fibers in our clothing, chemicals for cleaning, the food fed to the animals we eat..etc. It is extremely difficult to avoid being in a toxic environment today.

Common symptoms of our environment are colds, flu and digestive disturbances. Even chronic fatigue can be the result of toxicity as well as chronic diseases (i.e. cancer, arthritis, and diabetes).

Fortunately, your immune system protects you from outside germs and bacteria, and designed to cleanse and detoxify your body. However, most people have neglected the proper care of their immune system and now find it in a depleted and compromised state.

Fortunately, the body’s immune system responds well to nutritional support that can come effectively from herbs. Some of the herbs found in the Standard Process Formulations that I recommend to my patients assist the body in this protective mechanism. Examples of herbs that support the body are:

Echinacea Premium contains alkylamides which protect the pH of the body, and in doing so support the immune system health. (This is a bio-available nutrient  found in Mediherb’s Echinacea formula.)

Boswellia has anti-inflammatory properties which work well with joint pain and flare-ups. To be taken with high quality fat or oil in your diet.

These super nutrients can be added to your diet or the Standard Process shake SP Complete. And these can be easily found through Standard Process representatives across the country. I use and recommend Standard Process because they provide whole food supplements which ensure the nutrients are bio-available–meaning that the nutrients can and will be used by the body.

Have you had any experience with the healing and supporting properties of herbs? Please share below!

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Comment below or email me at drclaps@clapschiropractic.com

Picture from: http://herbalmonster.com/echinacea-herbal-guide/herbal-treatments/attachment/echinacea-flower/


~ by danclaps on June 5, 2012.

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