101 Ways to Live Well: Tips 1-3

1. Breathe deeper. Have you ever watched a baby breathe? Look closely and you will find their abdomen raises on inhalation and depresses on exhalation. That is the correct way to naturally breathe. Do you breathe that way? Often when I observe my patients, on inhalation, they raise their shoulders and suck in their belly–which is totally opposite of natural. This strains the breathing pattern and causes hypoxia. Practice deep breathing exercises–learn yoga breathing. This will help you to get more oxygen to your body and in doing so,  remove toxins, allow you to heal faster, and reduce stress and its harmful effects. Give it a try for a minute now: just breathe!

2. Hydrate yourself. You may have heard in grade school science class that the human body is made of over 70% water; shouldn’t it naturally flow from that fact that water should be given a priority in the human diet? You may have grown up hearing the “8 glasses a day” rule of thumb, though now many are saying one can get most of his or her necessary water from fruits and vegetables they eat during the day. The catch is you have to eat quite a few vegetables and fruits for that to be true! While I most definitely encourage you to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, instead of analyzing and upping the amount of food you are eating for the purpose of hydration,  start with drinking at least 1/2 your body-weight in ounces of water. For example: 140 lbs should try for at least 70 oz. Make this a priority–especially if you experience any of the top three symptoms of dehydration: 1) Feeling tired or fatigued. 2) Headache. 3) Cravings–for anything. Sweet or salty.

You never want to wait until your mouth feels dry to start drinking–prevent that from happening.
Another good form of hydration is juicing–use fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins, minerals and water from them.

3. Stretch. Stretching is the most neglected part of almost everyone’s exercise routine. When should you stretch? Before? During? After? How long should you hold a stretch? What body parts should be stretched? Many have no clue how to answer these questions. In truth, the answers may vary depending on the person and exercise regime. However, as a rule a healthy exercise program incorporates 1/3 of your exercise to stretching. So that would be 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises, 30 minutes of muscle toning exercises, and 30 minutes of stretching. Here at our office, we recommend spinal stretches to maintain spinal flexibility. If you take a yoga class, you will quickly come face to face with your inflexibility–and you can learn stretches and breathing that will help you improve. Please comment or email me with your individual flexibility needs and I will send a flexibility protocol to help you provide your body with the stretches it needs.


~ by danclaps on June 7, 2012.

10 Responses to “101 Ways to Live Well: Tips 1-3”

  1. Love the 101 ways! Can you post more that 3?

    • Appreciate that thought! We will be rolling out the 101 Ways on a regular basis, but like any habit that you want to change, it takes time. You can be on the lookout for them in future posts!

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