Total Life Conditioning

Most people I meet acknowledge that building up their health is incredibly important; but relatively few are actually acting on that knowledge. Instead, many I’ve met are in a rut–which I have heard can be called “a grave with both ends knocked out”–that often followed after momentary success with their health.

Life is not a random collection of healthful and unhealthful habits. Life is highly integrated, and one must acknowledge that each area of life can–and does–impact the others. With purpose at its core, the branches of life are: social health, career, recreation, physical health, financial health, spiritual life, nutrition health and mental health. When one branch does not measure up to the others, life becomes like an irregular wheel, with longer spokes creating sharp corners and shorter spokes creating flat edges. And like a cyclist trying to use this wheel, we quickly learn that ANY imbalances will not make for a smooth or pleasant ride.

First it follows that we must examine our lives. But what should we look for? It is difficult to see how all of the different parts of our lives affect each other. So, what are the most common habits of the imbalanced life?

Eating meals past 9:00 pm.

Not waking up until the snooze alarm has been pressed…multiple times.

Working out ONLY after you’ve become upset (physically, mentally, emotionally…etc.).

Starting to save only to find you are spending at the same rate.

Working long hours without feeling properly rewarded.

Lacking excitement for your vocation.

Finding lounging time exceeding work/study time.

Grabbing meals as quickly as possible without regard to toxic effects.

Promoting business as a problem solving method rather than a good habit.

Seeing your advice fade quickly in others.

Praying with concern rather than as a way of life.

Reducing marriage to a date night rather than a life filled with passion.

Do any or even many of these sound like you? There is no excuse for missing out on life this way. But there is hope: good habits are as difficult to break as bad habits once they have become rituals in your life! And small, steady changes can improve your life in the long-term.

What stage are you in?

If you are looking for small steps towards healthful living to begin, check out my previous posts and look for the list of 101 Ways to Live Well.

Please comment below or email me at with your own experiences or for tips about how to balance your life by encouraging and implementing discipline.


~ by danclaps on June 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “Total Life Conditioning”

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