Easy, Effective, and Free Healing through Meditation

Maybe you have never been able to picture yourself as one who can sit calmly, cross-legged for hours without falling asleep, you may find your mind racing about more productive things to do. That is exactly why you should try meditation!

Meditation is simple. It works like this: sit in any relaxed position and clear your mind. You can focus on anything–a sound like the stereotypical “ohm” or breathing or nothing at all. 3-7 minutes of meditation can be incredibly helpful, and with practice, it can be done anywhere. Many attach a spiritual element, but it can be a health exercise.

The benefits of regular meditation are:

Reduced stress

Lower heart rate

Slower breathing

Normalized blood pressure

Efficient use of oxygen

Reduced sweat

Reduced cortisol levels (the hormone that raises glucose levels in the blood in response to stress)

Slower mental aging

Enhanced immune system

Clearer thinking

Higher creativity levels

Easier time giving up harmful habits like smoking, drinking, and chemical addictions

In comparison with other healing methods, this is highly effective,  FREE, and can be done anywhere. There are no harmful side effects. No physician or teacher has to be consulted. All that is required is discipline and commitment.

If 3-7 minutes feels like too big of a daily commitment, start smaller. Dedicate 1 minute at a time before meals, tests, meetings or events during the day to bring peace to your body and mind by breathing deeply and thinking about absolutely nothing. You will find yourself more relaxed and able to enjoy whatever you choose to do after you meditate.

If you have any questions about meditation or breathing or would like any advice, please feel free to comment below or email me at drclaps@clapschiropractic.com Please contact me about 33 Breaths to Stress Free Living.


~ by danclaps on June 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Easy, Effective, and Free Healing through Meditation”

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