Olympic Chiropractic

Dr. Terry Schroeder, DC
US Men’s Water Polo Head Coach

The U.S. does not have a shining record in Water Polo–yet. But there is hope on the horizon–and its name is Dr. Terry Schroeder, DC.

The U.S. Men’s Water Polo team has only been on the podium at the 1984 and 1988 Olympics–with Terry Schroeder competing in the Games. Since then, the team has not exactly thrived.

But this Olympics was–and future Olympics will be–different. Since he was hired as head coach of the U.S. Olympic Water Polo team in 2007, Dr. Schroeder’s coaching has sought to maximize the health potential of each member of his team through a holistic training approach and Chiropractic.

Dr. Schroeder himself was added to the USA Water Polo Hall of Fame in 1998 and recently has been added to the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Over the past 20 years he led Pepperdine University’s water polo team; the Waves had a record of 307-195, attended 8 NCAA Championships, and claimed the NCAA Championship in 1997 during his time as coach.

What is unique about Dr. Schroeder’s approach to coaching the Olympic Team?

Dedicating Time: The players were asked to decline playing professionally for seven months in order to train full time together from Monday through Saturday.

US Water Polo Captain Tony Azevedo is a Chiropractic patienttrain full time together Monday through Saturday.

Holistic Training: Water polo is a sport that requires extreme amounts of endurance as well as supreme sprinting ability. To prepare the team, Schroeder emphasizes the importance of holistic training regiments. The training schedule includes regular workouts that focus on one or two of the following: weights, on-land cardiovascular exercise, swimming, in-water leg conditioning, tactics inside and outside the pool. The team also regularly trains with other teams around the world. And, of course–like the Pepperdine Water Polo team–they must make wise choices about the food they eat.

Chiropractic: Under Dr. Schroeder, a Chiropractor himself, the U.S. Olympic Water Polo team is regularly adjusted in order to maximize their health and potential as athletes.

In an interview with The American Chiropractor Dr. Schroeder reported :

“At this time, I have treated each one of our athletes. Every member of our Olympic water polo team is a regular chiropractic patient. They know the benefits and I am convinced that it is a part of our success…One of our players, Merrill Moses, who is considered by many the best goalie in the world, is planning on going to chiropractic school and becoming a chiropractor when he is done playing.”

Schroeder also mentioned that it is common for athletes on opposing teams to ask for chiropractic treatment! Chiropractic is becoming popular around the world to maximize health and performance.

No injury is needed to receive a chiropractic adjustment and receive the health benefits.

“Only chiropractic offers athletes a ‘hands on’ approach to maximizing their potential. This is, after all, what the Olympic games are all about–reaching your human potential, and what better way to do that than with chiropractic!” Schroeder observed.

The US Women’s Water Polo Team Won the Gold!

Though in the London Games the U.S. Women’s Water Polo team got the gold while Men’s Water Polo Team lost to Gold-winning Croatia in the 3rd to last match, athletics have been impacted by Chiropractic–and I predict it will be entering the spotlight of healthcare and athletic training for non-Olympians as well.

Do you have experience with Chiropractic and athletics? Please comment and share your story! And feel free to email drclaps@clapschiropractic.com with any additional questions or inquiries about Chiropractic.


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