Chiropractic for Pain Treatment and Prevention

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Save yourself the pain; see a chiropractor after ANY trauma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pain is deceiving. Its presence can mean call attention to a problem, but pain does not have to be present for something to be wrong. Pain is the final sign health trouble–NOT the first sign. In fact, in many cases injuries can cause little to no pain until they spiral out of control!

Such is often the case with misaligned spinal bones, called “vertebral subluxations”. When a bone is slightly out of place, it may cause no pain for awhile, but over a long time vertebral subluxations contribute to many, many health problems. Carpal tunnel, headaches, infertility…even ear infections are among the many conditions associated with subluxated vertebrae.

Why does simple positioning of a bone matter so much? When a spinal bone is out of place, it impairs nervous functioning–after all, vertebrae surround the spinal cord and touch the nerves which leave it to go into the rest of the body. When a vertebrae is out of place it makes communication more difficult than usual between the brain and the body; over time subluxations can impair immunity, impair musculoskeletal functioning…even impair mental functioning! But remember: there is often little to no pain directly from a subluxation. You can’t truly identify or treat vertebral subluxations without a chiropractic exam.

Thankfully, subluxations are a simple positioning problem–so they are simple to fix! Regular chiropractic adjustments can encourage vertebral alignment, as well as correct new subluxations before they become painful problems.

It is important to see a chiropractor if you have recently experienced any sort of trauma, even if you have no pain.

Delayed Onset Whiplash Disorder (DOWAD) characteristically includes several vertebral subluxations in the neck which cause no pain for years. When pain finally appears, it can be extreme shooting pain in the arm and numbness in the fingers–it does not have to be in the neck. A chiropractor can identify and treat DOWAD to prevent future pain.

Nerve damage from overlooked spinal injuries requires surgery described as “surgical intervention that most likely could have been avoidable, often with an unsatifactory outcome” (Clin Orthop Relat Res 2005;431:93-103). Save yourself the pain and grief of dangerous surgeries by seeing a chiropractor after every incidence of trauma–fender bender or more serious.

The spine is not the only concern of chiropractic adjustments; musculoskeletal conditions of the entire body can be treated or prevented with chiropractic attention.

knee x-ray

Common conditions which are pain free initially and can benefit from chiropractic care are:

Knee tissue degeneration. Save yourself a knee injury and one of the most common surgeries by asking your chiropractor to look at your knees.

Carpal Tunnel

Hip arthritis, especially in males.

Rotator-cuff tears, especially in older adults.

Before you have an issue, see your chiropractor! Even stress can cause subluxations. Stay fit and healthy with regular chiropractic attention.

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